Cross Region Connections

Route 393 Concord-Spaulding Turnpike, NHDOT Project #10428, 1989-1994

CLIENT: SVERDRUP Corporation, 38 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA  02111

This project studied the possibility of creating an east/west highway between Portsmouth and Concord. After much work, it was deemed impossible and an upgrade of Route 4, the first NH turnpike was studied and completed.

The large project covered a 30 by 15 mile area in the south/central area of the state between the cities of Concord and Portsmouth. The main route, NH Route 4, was the first New Hampshire turnpike. The area contains a variety of significant resources from prehistoric occupation to the present, offering unique opportunities for comparison. The detailed study of the upgrade of Route 4, the First New Hampshire Turnpike, was reviewed in the winter of 1992. Determinations of National Register Eligibility were produced for three towns, eight historic districts, and approximately 350 individual buildings.

Route 106: Concord-Laconia, NHDOT Project #RS-212 (4), 10672, 1991-1993, 2011

CLIENT: New England Environmental Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 2394, Concord, NH 03302

The study area followed NH Route 106, which passes through the historic village centers of Belmont, Loudon and residential neighborhoods in the city of Laconia. Determinations of National Register Eligibility were produced for six towns, nine historic districts and over two hundred individual buildings. A later project updated the original findings of the project and resulted in the production of.13 individual and one historic district NHDHR forms.